Goldman Sachs will recommend its clients to buy Bitcoin?

Goldman Sachs recently surprised the crypto industry by announcing a call to Bitcoin. Because of this, it raises the question of whether the bank’s identity will suggest its customers buy Bitcoin.

Goldman Sachs will discuss Bitcoin at a conference on May 27
A new announcement by the multinational investment bank, Goldman Sachs, caused a wave of speculation throughout the crypt-currency industry.

The news revealed that the bank plans to hold a conference to discuss Bitcoin with its clients on May 27.

The invitation was shared by Mike Dudas of The Block, and is entitled „U.S. Economic Outlook. and Current Policy Implications for Inflation, Gold and Bitcoin.

Many in and out of the crypto industry were quite surprised by the announcement. In fact, speculation has already begun as to what this might mean, with doubts as to whether Goldman Sachs will recommend buying Bitcoin and cryptomonies.

So far, it remains unknown what the bank has in mind, or what it has to say about Bitcoin. The conference has not yet taken place, but many believe it will be a very positive development.

Especially since Goldman Sachs‘ current Chief Investment Officer, Sharmin Mossavar-Rhami, had expressed that Bitcoin had no real or considerable value.

In this regard, will Goldman Sachs be urging its customers to buy Bitcoin? We’ll update the subject in question.

Goldman Sachs tells customers about Bitcoin in 2020

Winklevoss Brothers and their recent opinion on the stablecoins
Investors, pioneers in the adoption of Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Circuit, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Trader, The News Spy, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code and CEO of Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers, were in an interview with Camila Ruso of The Defiant.

During the interview they shared their views that the competition between stablecoins will really start once Wall Street moves towards decentralized finance, or DeFi.

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However, despite their optimistic outlook for DeFi, they stated that the crypto industry does not currently offer a definitive application that is driving adoption from outside the virtual currency community. This is despite the wave of adoption that the covid pandemic generated for crypts.