Bitcoin reaches record activity figures

Regardless of the current situation, Bitcoin has maintained a constant growth path, reaching record figures of activity.

Beyond temporary rises and falls in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptoactives. The crypto world seems to be on a permanent upward path towards massification for years. The number of users within the BTC Blockchain is increasing every day, as well as their activity in the chain. Thus, as Dan Held comments in the Tweet of the Day, Bitcoin reaches record figures of activity:

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Record activity at Bitcoin

When you participate in the crypto world it is very easy to be distracted by events. It seems that every day something new happens in the cryptology market. Whether it is the launch of a new virtual currency, regulations in some country, technical improvements in a consolidated crypto currency, or, as occurred in recent months, a surprise boom in the value of a sector such as decentralized finance.

However, while all this news is happening, and the crypto world remains in permanent movement. The adoption figures of crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, are reaching new records. As people around the world begin to see cryptomoney no longer as a technological curiosity, but as a financial asset with a value of its own.
Bitcoin reaches record numbers in the number of active addresses and with some balance at BTC. Source: CoinmetricsBitcoin reaches record figures in the number of active addresses and with some balance at BTC. Source: CoinmetricsBitcoin: Coinmetrics

Thus, according to figures from the crypto world analysis firm, Coinmetrics, the number of Bitcoin Blockchain addresses with any amount of BTC in their account exceeded 30 million. While the number of Bitcoin addresses active daily exceeded one million accounts. Both record numbers as commented by crypto influencer Dan Held through his Twitter account:

We just reached record numbers at Bitcoin:

  • Number of addresses with any balance
  • Number of daily active addresses

Although these would still be small numbers compared to the global adoption goals of the crypto community. The truth is that they are a crucial milestone in the process of massification of Bitcoin, and they demonstrate how, regardless of the political and financial circumstances of the world, cryptomonies maintain a constant rate of growth.